What is the Tundra A.C.E Program?

The Acceleration Centre for Entrepreneurs (A.C.E.) is a program that has been specifically designed to help Alberta’s best & brightest fast track the commercialization of innovative products and services that solve some of industry’s most challenging problems.

How does the Program Work?

If you have a near-market ready product or service, or would like to get involved in commercializing one, simply apply online, tell us more about your situation, and why you think you would be a good fit for the program. We will happily review your application and evaluate the opportunity to work together.

If accepted, the first phase of the program will focus on execution planning. We will put together a well thought out plan that clearly outlines how we can successfully bring your product or solution to market. Once complete, the team will pitch inside the “Tundra Tank” in front of a panel of Executives and industry experts. Your pitch will focus on your product, the opportunity, and the funding structure you are seeking. You might be looking to become acquired, obtain funding, receive a royalty, or any other deal structure that makes sense in your specific situation. We are flexible and want to help!

When a deal is negotiated and agreed upon by both parties, it is time to execute on the plan and bring your solution to market!

What steps are involved in the Tundra ACE Program?



What is the Program Going to Cost Me?

Nothing! Tundra and its supporting partners are fully backing this initiative so there is no cost to you. There will be no compensation from Tundra for your time spent in the program as the goal of the program is to fast track the commercialization of your solution and grow your business with a proven partner in Tundra. The incentive for both parties is growth itself. We believe we can grow faster by joining forces to create value!

What does the A.C.E. Program Have to Offer Me?

Once admitted into the A.C.E. Program, you and your team will:

Tundra has constructed a dedicated collaboration space designed to foster creativity and allow entrepreneurs to mingle and bounce their ideas off other ambitious high performers.
from some of Calgary’s most skilled technical professionals and experienced business minds. Various “Meet The Pro” sessions will see various experts be brought in to educate our members and help guide the planning process
from a proven growth partner in Tundra
to accelerate revenue generation & fast track growth. With a large sales force, and an extensive network of end users, entrepreneurs will be able to leapfrog their competition by leveraging the strength of Tundra’s expertise and network

What About Intellectual Property? (IP)

Your IP will remain your IP. While enrolled inside the A.C.E. program, Tundra will have first right of refusal to invest in your business. Should a deal not be made inside the “Tundra Tank,” you are free to pursue other partners or ‘go it alone.’ A detailed agreement will be given to each member prior to program acceptance.

Who Are We Looking For?

We are looking for individuals with a market ready, or near market ready technology or solution that just needs a boost to reach its full potential. Tundra is excited to help other entrepreneurs, inventors, business minds, marketers, engineers, project managers, and field staff who refuse to be stopped by mere circumstances and are motivated to make a difference in our industry.

Although we are open to helping commercialize any new technology or service that creates value for the companies that make Alberta so great, Tundra will be giving priority to entrepreneurs who have a plan to tackle emissions and improve the environment. The closer the idea is to being market-ready, the better.

Have an idea that you’ve been working on that could benefit from this program? Know someone who does? Get in touch with us today!

Right now we are reaching out to our networks in search of strong candidates that could take advantage of the Tundra A.C.E. program to accelerate their businesses, create jobs, and ensure the Alberta Advantage is here to stay.

Join the Excitement – We’re always looking for great talent!

If this program excites you, but you don’t have a near-market ready solution or idea, and you still want to get involved somehow, we want to hear from you! We are always looking for ambitious individuals to help bring these solutions to market. If you think you would be a good fit, contact us. Your involvement might lead to future employment opportunities in these rapidly growing startups.